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What do you know, last week's show hit the archives like 5 minutes ago. It's in 2 parts. Links here:


Image courtesy of Kim Cronin's Flickr stream; it's the remains of the Annie M. Peterson Schooner shipwrecked on the shores of Lake Superior, like those Jeff Walls/Campfires described to me (and you, the listener) last Sunday. Mr. Walls also brandished his ipod to share with the show an Alan Lomax recording of Italian longshoremen singing a capella in strange, merry harmonies, and of course 7 tracks from his burgeoning repertoire of releases. (It wasn't all seafaring nostalgia). Some of the tracks were recorded in a summer vacation hot spot Lake Park with sound samples of Lake Michigan. Listen to hear how Michigan and lo-fi go together like sand and salt and how passive listening (like listening to books on tape) can be a beautiful thing.

About 4/5 of the way through Part 1 is "Underground, in a Cave, in a Shallow Bed of Freezing Water," a collaboration between Campfires and Philadelphia-based writer Ben Segal, who wrote a book in the form of crossword puzzles titled 78 Stories: A Crossword Novella. Full text of Ben Segal's story of the same title "Underground, in a Cave, in a Shallow Bed of Water" can be found here; Jeff reads the narrative about a giant salamander that offers a small town the choice of a certain gruesome euthanasia over his own super fuzzy layers of guitar in blatant homage to the Velvet Underground's "The Gift."

Big thanks to Jeff for coming on the show! Enjoy the streaming mp3s.

PLAYLIST 11/01/09
6:06 PM Crystal Stilts "The City in the Sea" Alight of Night (Slumberland) CD 2008
6:08 PM Yo La Tengo "Pass The Hatchet, I Think I'm Goodkind" I Am Not Afraid of You and I Will Beat Your Ass (Matador Records) CD
6:24 PM Thee Oh Sees "Where the People do Drugs" In the Shadow of the Giant CD
6:25 PM Times New Viking "No Time, No Hope" Born Again Revisited (Matador) CD [N]
6:27 PM The Hunches "Not Invited" Exit Dreams (In The Red) CD
6:40 PM Campfires "Stormy Late Fall" Stormy Late Fall 7" (Mexican Summer) CD {coming soon}
6:42 PM Campfires "Easy Orchard" - (Self-Released) CD {coming out maybe on the Burning Rivers Tape from Leftist Nautical Antiques}
6:43 PM Campfires "Chicora" - (Self-Relased) CD {Brand new song, maybe out on As Above, So Below purdy soon}
6:57 PM Campfires "Air Raid" - (Self-Relased) CD
6:59 PM Campfires "Slip-Shod Paradise" - (Self-Released) CD {probably on the Leftist Nautical Antiques tape}
7:01 PM Campfires "Royal Orange" Upcoming Split with Benoit Pioulard! (FM Dust) CD
7:12 PM Campfires and Ben Segal "Underground in a Cave" - (Self-Relased) CD
7:28 PM Superchunk "Learned To Surf" Leaves In The Gutter EP (Merge Records) CD
7:30 PM Les Sequelles "Everything's Just Fine Baby" CD
7:31 PM Soft Tags "Deathstar is Ascendent" Seafoam Green (Self) CD [N]
7:33 PM Reigning Sound "Stick Up For Me" Love and Curses (In The Red) CD [N]
7:44 PM The Breeders "Cro-Aloha" Cannonball EP (Elektra) CD
7:47 PM Genoese Longshoremen "La Partenza" Alan Lomax Collection Sampler CD
7:50 PM The King Khan & BBQ Show "Third Ave" Invisible Girl (In The Red) CD [N]
7:52 PM The Mantles "Bad DEsign" Bad Design 7" CD
8:05 PM Surf City "Autumn" Surf City EP (Morr Music) CD

Shake it like a salt shaker,

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